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No matter whether you're a Cellphone Store, eBay Seller, Repair Center, or Corporation with a fleet of cellphones to unlock. UnlockBase is your one stop shop for all your Unlocking needs. With more than 100,000 customers around the world and more than 5 million cellphones and counting already unlocked, you have come to the right place for :

  • The Best Quality Service
    and Reliability
  • The Cheapest Price, always with
    the opportunity to Negotiate
  • Trusted management that prides itself on Loyalty,
    Respect, and Reputation
  • Comprehensive Customer Support 24/7
    (we get back to you in less than 24 hours)

The world of Cellphone Unlock can be a scary and complex jungle. More than 10,000 Cellphones have been released in the last 20 years by around 300 major brands, each locking their phones into some 400 Network Providers all around the world. For these reasons you simply cannot become an “Unlock Master” overnight.

It takes Knowledge, Skill, and Relationship (with major suppliers) that UnlockBase has consolidated for you, in one place, to make us THE market leader for all your Unlocking Needs.

Of course you could choose to find the source of each of the services we offer (more than 200) and get the best deal directly from the Source one by one with some tough negotiating, but our exposure, and our large customer base allows us to be able to match the price of any Source as we have negotiated HARD over the years to become the only place to find ANY service at the BEST price.

However, price is not everything when it comes to Cellphone unlocking, it's also important to consider :

  • Customer Support
    Code entry instruction
  • Delivery
  • Refund Policy in Case
    of Wrong Code
  • Supplier’s reputation
    to avoid fake promise

With UnlockBase you get all of the above as well as the best pricing policy.

Of course we all know the world of cellphone unlocking is fast moving, with new suppliers fighting with each other all the time, so if you do manage to find cheaper quotes just contact us by email ( and we will always try to beat the competition to reward your loyalty.

Finally, even though we go to great efforts to make everything as simple as possible, if you still feel lost and you want our “VIP Concierge” service to help you understand your needs, just get in touch, tell us what you need and we will take care of everything with straight forward easy to understand answers and pricing.